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Expectations and Conduct.
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Always read as this is a beta and will be continuously updated.
  • READ!!!!! Because these are the RULES and APPLY to EVERYONE.
Adotstate is not responsible for hourly session data due to common problems with storage devices:
  1. Hardware failure. The most problematic issue for most users. Careful handling and regular maintenance should be used to extend the durability of these devices.
  2. Data Loss. Intentional and accidental file deletion can make one to lose precious data and can not be recovered once it has been deleted.
  3. Google Drives Data Limit. Any file sent via email must be immediately downloaded and backed up. Our limit is reached fairly fast here and we do delete all emails to make room to send more.

Recording Studio | Hip Hop/R&B | Online Mixing | Pro Tools | Mic Booth

I have been mixing and working in the recording studio since I can remember. My mother had a turntable that I used to play Tina Turner’s single “What’s Love Got to do with it”, when I was young.

To me, it was my first studio, I was about 4 yrs old. We later moved to our new home, and from there I remember attended evening Bible study sessions where my Uncle lead the Band.

Mom was sitting on the couch with a guitar as I walk into the house after a long day as a 3rd grader. She tells me in my ear to pay attention to the beat the man is playing so I can show her how to do it.

He started with the D major, then A major and later elevated to a G Major, beginner music theory. I put my bookbag down and sat down on the couch.

At first, I wasn’t interested as I wanted to play Nintendo and it was a honky-tonk guitar to me.

Then came my cousins, Ricky, and Franky with their 1980s hairstyles and rock guitars.

They would play alongside my oldest brother Eddie upstairs in the Master bedroom.
One day instead of rehearsing they rented an Eddie Murphy movie, Beverly Hills Cop. Franky brought over his keyboard and began to play the Theme song “Axel F“.
I waited till everyone went out front of the house and tried powering back up the keyboard while I was alone. It was my first time seeing one in person.
My brother Favian also started picking up on the guitar. He and I both would listen to the radio station and pretend to rock out to the songs the same way kids take turns lip-syncing in the living room together. It was Favians idea to Cassete record us doing our own live show. I wondered why the recordings didn’t sound like the radio.
Later Ricky would bring me over a gift, a music book that taught me how to read Tablature. The first whole song I taught myself was “More Than Words“.

When I was 13 I met my Daughters, Mother.

Her father owned a Roland drum machine. I would sneak over late nights and produce beats with it. Since there was not a recording studio near me.
He ended up investing in a Windows 95 PC and call me upstairs every time a new app came out or buy more ram or hard drive space.
I ended up meeting Andy from my girlfriends High School, Him and I go to the mall and buy singles from Sam Goody on cassette where one side was instrumental. Then I could record us doing covers with a Fostex 4 track tape recorder.
By the time I turned 16, I moved to the southside of Milwaukee where I became more curious about the song production itself more than singing or writing the music. I started gaining interest in getting the songs to sound like the radio and building great sounding speakers for my home theater system.  I always had a passion for electronics and computer engineering.
As I turned 17 I became a teenage father and started to feel the pressure of being an adult. My Elders suggested I give up fooling around with recording music and get a job. I worked various jobs until I moved out on my own.
A couple of weeks into my first place I began working on my first CD Project using Steinberg Cubase VST, a Compaq Presario PC running off a Pentium Celeron processor, a Behringer Interface and a Samson co 1 condenser microphone.
I mostly learned a lot about compression online and experimenting. IT was later my friends would name me Adotstate short for Allstate the Insurance Company.
In 2005 I slowly began working on a handful of mixtapes, got connected to the internet and started to get noticed as a music studio even though it was only a pc and a microphone. They may have meant they know of a good audio engineer that understands music, I think.

Meaning all music can be deleted at the end of the day or during routine scheduled computer maintenance. Artists are encouraged to bring a storage device to hourly sessions.

You should set aside anywhere from 5 to 15 mins of their scheduled Booking to ensure the backup process is completed successfully.

As again Adotstate will no longer be responsible for your data after your time ends.

We are working on having readily available USB thumb drives ready for purchase, but until then we strongly recommend you purchase or bring one with.

Appointments are not precise but estimated times and can start sooner or later than scheduled.
Mix and Mastering are not Included in Recording or Production slots and must be purchased on a separate day.
All apps will be emailed a rough mix at the end of every session. If you hear or need any adjustments, please take notes and schedule an hour to come in and make any adjustments.
Adotstate Recording Studio only has 1 hr booking slot increments and can not be broken down into 15 or 30 min segments so make sure you have enough material to work on for the hour before booking.
A screenshot of a live session with an artist using autotune live on his mic with a little reverb.
If you own your own equipment, you can schedule a private tutoring session to brush up your current skills in creating beats, recording and or mixing.
This is a private club, not a public domain. It is a privilege to come to the studio, not your right.
Proper communication is required. Respect the engineer as he has an extremely difficult responsibility to manage the Recording sessions or membership will be revoked.